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maternal family's ancestral stronghold at Trundle.  

The Meers family was apparently of little consequence in the rural hierarchy, and rather than advise their offspring to "go on the land", they encouraged him to seek his fortune in Sydney. We had thus followed very different paths. I left the city behind in search of romance as a jackeroo, Meers stayed on to study law and to learn about money.

As a young solicitor, Meers had worked for a law firm which acted for the L. J. Hooker Real Estate group of companies. The skills he had aquired wheeling and dealing for this dominant land developer were put to good use building his personal fortune. His interest in property lead to an involvement in local government, especially that which controlled the heart of Sydney -- the most expensive real estate in Australia.

As Lord Mayor, Meers' wealth was conspicuous. Employing his own personal public relations consultants, he had spared no expense in the creation of a very public image. He was marketed as a young self made- millionaire with a bright future in politics. His midas touch was symbolised by carefully groomed golden hair, and a constant display of brilliant white teeth. A rich man's accoutrements were prominantly exposed: expensive suits (above hand-made elevator shoes), an attractively packaged wife and family, a large home in the exclusive north shore suburb of Northbridge, and luxurious cars for commuting. When not being

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