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Ferguson's private secretary, "come back at 8."

We returned at 8 o'clock, but Hazel said that Jack had not been seen since dinner. She did not know where he was or when he would be back. We were welcome to wait. The night dragged on. It was ten o'clock before Ferguson walked in. He gestured for us to follow him into his office, and threw himself down behind the desk. We pulled up chairs opposite.

Ferguson lit a cigarette and glared at us.

"What do you bastards want?" He growled. I started explaining, in simple terms, what a rainforest was and why the remnant at Terania should be saved. Ferguson listened with his eyes half closed, puffing smoke at the ceiling and grunting occassionally.  

Then Ken Gabb described the tactics which would be required in the caucus meeting the next day.

Ferguson lit another cigarette and started to give us a lecture.  

"You two think you're the conscience of the party!" A cloud of blue smoke rose. "Where do you think I've been all night? I've been with the Premier. It took two bottles of scotch, but I've got what you want."

The next morning, Wran raised the question of Terania in his report to caucus. Lin Gordon was thus forced to explain the Forestry Commission's policy.  

In the ensuing debate, I was successful in moving that caucus authorize individual members visit the rainforest and to report to the next meeting. The


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