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watching closely.   So I offered to take Cathy to morning coffee at at a cafe around the corner in the Corso.

        She was glad to get away from the building, and we spent a pleasant hour talking and consuming several orders of cappucino and raisin toast.   Her careful report was published without drastic editing.   It was headed:

        "Ex-jackeroo's Manly's Man", and then outlined my background:

      "Alan Stewart has come a long way since he left his family home at the age of fifteen to become a jackeroo.   Mr Stewart, now a qualified biologist and father of five, is Manly's new Labor MLA.   "He has always been a quiet achiever. His life has been marked by a desire to further his education and, while his political candidacy may have been a surprise to some of his colleagues, Mr Stewart took the bit well between his teeth...   "He said his background in ecology could prove of benefit to the   State Government...Mr Stewart's particular interests were the environment and preservation of the area's natural values and social welfare--especially in regard to pensioners."

        It may have given the impression that I was somewhat of a yokel, but   the article had a favourable tone and got over a general message about my interests.

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