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rather than the business establishment.   His zeal for a moral order based on loyalty to the Empire touched a chord in the hearts of many people who were frightened by the Communist bogey.   Flamboyant, his speech coloured by a lisp, Darby railed against the "red menance" which seemed poised to take over the world, including Manly.   He espoused the causes of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia:   captive nations behind the "Iron curtain".   He supported the Nationalist Chinese Government in exile on Formosa, and in return was made their honorary consul in Sydney.

        Darby was no bronzed Anzac but he understood the power of the legend.   His emotional appeal for loyalty was mostly aimed at elderly women and school children.   He was more often seen sipping tea than quaffing beer, making contact in the homes of his constituents.

        Although nominally a Liberal, Darby created his own independent campaign organisation, which controlled a network throughout the electorate.   Eventually, each suburban block was organised as a cell, wit a least one strong Darby supporter as a contact.   These were often working class people who had received some small personal favour from their benevolent local member.

        The conservative establishment could not match the Darby organisation and so they were forced to tolerate a faction with which they had very little in

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