Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 335

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        I turned away,   trying to keep my temper, determined that I would nver accept Utting's invitation.   I might be only a little backbencher, but the  Daily  was only a little newspaper.

         Whatever our differences, we could not ignore each other.   I would have to learn to cope with hostile editing, and they would have to take into account that about half of their readers had voted Labor.

        There was some hostility in the local ALP.   Peter Randall came to see me on Saturday morning with a long list of grievances.   I had anticipated his visit and was ready with a list of my own.   In my judgement, his performance as campaign manager had been pathetic, and potentially disastrous.   We had won despite him.   Now that the task was to hold the seat, we would have to ensure that he did not continue to jeopardize our strategy.

        I was particularly worried that he might try to talk to the  Daily  on my behalf.   His position as campaign manager had lapsed since the election, but he was still secretary of the State Electorate Council.   It was important that we had a consisten and co-ordinated policy to present to the media.   Randall had his own divergent ideas, and I could not afford to let him act as a spokesman for the ALP.

        A redistribution of state seats was due, and Randall had some plans for changing boundaries in  

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