Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 153

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Four:   The Wranslide

        "The campaign itself was almost solely Wran."          --Brian Dale

My day was now following a political routine.   On waking, I would listen in bed to the six o'clock news, which included an increasing number of items about the state-wide campaign.   By six fifteen, I was out of bed and into jogging gear; pausing at the front gate to scan the newly delivered  Manly  Daily; then walking down to the beach to run on the hard wet sand. Sometimes I encountered Bob Quail and we would discuss the latest headlines in the  Daily  as we trotted up and down at a modest pace.   On the way back from the beach I would buy a  Herald  from the newsagent and exchange a few greetings with some of the locals who were off to work early.

        I had to be at home by seven, with some idea of what was in the papers, so that I could phone Rod Power before he left for work.   We discussed my program for the day, the implications of various items in the press, and what my response would be.

        Over breakfast, the media would be absorbed in more depth, with newspapers spread across the table and the radio on, as I sipped several cups of coffee and answered phone calls.

        The family departed for school and Donna arrived to take over the phone.   She would start ringing a

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