Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 601

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plane to tow a 'vote for Meers' banner over the electorate as voters made their decision. "Apparently Manly voters weren't looking for a pie in the sky as they scurried to the polls."

The Manly Daily, two days later, was still hedging:


"The Liberal candidate for Manly, Mr Nelson Meers, refused yesterday to concede defeat in the State election, although it seems almost impossible for him to take the seat from Mr Alan Stewart (Lab).

"However, Mr Stewart was confident yesterday he had retained his seat. He said he was pleased to be Manly's representative in Parliament for the next three years...

"Mr Meers criticised Mr Stewart's declaration of victory as 'absolutely absurd.'

"'No keen judge could possibly agree with that,' he said. 'I believe we are going to win this seat. I will be pleased to be able to serve the people of Manly.'

"Mr Meers said he had been confident of victory since counting of votes began on Saturday night."

Meers demanded a recount. Held twelve days after the election, it only made things slightly worse for

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