Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 503

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opponent's rhetoric, and repeated my commitment to lead a bi-partisan deputation to see Wran (something which Meers could not offer).

I asked for nominations for a steering committee to chose the other members of the deputation. Our people promptly put forward the name of Hilton Mace, president of the Friends of North Head, as convenor. Interested people were asked to give their names to him.

Realising that they were losing the initiative, the Libs started to interject; and the agents provocateurs noisily sprang to my defence, as did some of our own people.

Various people wanted to take their turn at the microphone, but it was clear that Michael Petrie was losing control of the meeting -- voices were raised, shouting insults. The tension in the crowd was approaching breaking point.

Then, at the critical moment, we were saved from violence by the heavens opening. A sudden heavy downpour ended the meeting, the crowd scattering as sheets of water swept across the Corso.

The battle in the Corso had been indecisive. However, at the end of the night we felt pleased with our performance. The enemy's stength had been tested against our own, and noth sides had stood firm under pressure. Meers and his troops had employed some

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