Series 02: Alan Gibson Stewart papers, 1987-1989 - Page 695

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Thorburn as Mayor.  

Hay had the support of most of the conservative Alderman, who claimed that they were tired of Thorburn's overbearing style. Alderman Judy Mellowed, the sole survivor from the once radical "Conserve Manly" group, had ambitions of her own. David Hay could get her voice.

I preferred "the devil I knew" as mayor. Thorburn had been a formidable opponent but the Liberals would not give her preselection to run against me. She tried to rally support, but the establishment had turned against her. Hay had done deals and Thorburn's memorable reign came abruptly to an end.

The Liberals had given preselection for Manly to a member of the "young Turk" faction, Acting Sergeant Pat Daley, from the POlice Public Relations Branch. Like Tony Selmes before him, Daley had been active in the Harbord Branch of the LIberal Party, and had also been elected as president of their State Electoral Council. Hay had been a candidate in the preselection ballot but had been easily beaten by Daley.  

The second new ferry, "Queenscliff", arrived from Newcastle in July. We made similar arrangements for her maiden voyage to Manly as we had for her sister ship "Freshwater"; The Same bands; the same guest list of six hundred; the same absence of refreshments.

The organisation was much smoother this time, but

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