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after hawing breakfast and those wich had nothing else to do wendet their ways to the gambling dens (tents). As the sums played for runninig into pounds and many an unlucky prisoner lost all his money, wich could easyly have been used for better purposses our comander issued a notice, forbidding gambling of any sort. This put a stop to the two up game, however card playing continued, such as Poker, Nap, Swedish Banker, ectra. The comandet tried his best to put a stop to this also, but without success. "Many a prisoner wher arrestet, and sentenced to a few days water and bread". Well it wher a common ocurence, for the guard to come in and arrest a whole mob out of a tent, if they had been playing a legal or unlegal game, both being a like, as long as the soldiers, seeing cards, that wher evidence anough to warrant an arrest. Allthough arrests being frequent, we wher permitted to buy as many packets of cards, through the commandant as we wished to pay for. The price being 1 shilling per packet.

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