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We hawe been orered to forward to you the following Becourse the Pris of War Zöller, Prokora, Norkner, Bach. Von Höller and Weshelhous hawe been interned in the special Compound. The Camp has given us orders to enquire, if this has been the Sentence of the Court, wich has had the Power to investigate their Cases, or not. Also if you still think to uphold your version of the special Compound, as stated in your letter datet February 22nd 1916 directed to the American Consul Sydney, that the life of Pris of War in this special compound, shall be like a nightmare tothem, so badly shall be their treatment. We wishe to inform you that our "Rules" given by the Staate Governor shall only be givenby the "Visitor" after a enquirey by a Court, sett apart for this purpose. We wishe also to inform you, that it is our intentiones to report to the Minister of Defence through the American Consul general of Sydney (Mr Britain) that the Pris of these special Compound hawe been robbed of all their priveledges like smoking, reading, writing receiving mails parcels ectra. We beg of you to honor us with a

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