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Sons at the front, fighting for England in Gallipoli. Their wher also one, a father of 5 children, wich had arrived in Australia at the age of 2 yeares. These Prisoner wher also unable to speak German, but only englishe. All his pleadings did not give him back his liberty untill he had been interned for over a yeahr.

The return of two escaped Prisoners and the flogging. In the morning of June 24th 1915 we wher surprised to see on Board the Provision Lunch, the two escaped Prisoners, escorted back under "heavy guard". They wher marched off to the hospital tent. After passing the examination of the Military Doctor, they wher ordered to follow the leading Guard. Over 400 prisoners of war watched the proceeding. Those Prisoners wher marched to about 100 yard behind our fence, amongst the Sandhills, wher a clump of Maple trees wher going. All the Soldiers off Duty and the official wher their. The Prisoner Gerthes wher ordered to lift his

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