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X Provission. Rationes per day & per man shall be as follows. Meat 1  ½ lb Potatoes 1 lb. Vegetables  ½ lb Sugar 3 ounces Jam 4 ounces. Salt Meat 1 lb per week. Coffee & Tea as required. XI Provision delivery. One Company Comander & 1 man to be present at the giving out of provisiones & will be freed from "Appell" if needet. XII Fat shall be the prooperty of the Camp in future. These can be sold. The proceeds of sale between the Camp & the Cooks theirin. XIII Jam & Bread Rationes: The now delivered tins are Armee-Service Tins of 2 lb in weight & will be issued 1 tin to each Confonee every 8 day. Every loave of Bread weighs 4 lb & 2 extra loaves will be issued to each Company. XIV Bank deduction, to be as before, in the interesse of the Pris to enable them to hawe ready cashe in hand, when liberated. XV The presentation of tobaco, matches, soap ectra to Invalids in Camp will receive further consideration, & the finding of the enquiry will be reported in due course. XVI Letters written in German language adressed outside the Commonwealth is only permitted ones per month. XVII Gambling is prohibited. The Police

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