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train with only the necessary stopping places, we reached Melbourne Victoria the next morning. Hier we wher issued tea again 1 Cup per man. Our food ration during the journey being 1lb Biscuits 1lb tin Meat, and two cups of tea daily. Owing our train stopping at a Plattform opposite to a train with we noticed to be filled with human freight also (Soldiers of a Reinforcement) ready to goe to Port Melbourne on board the Transport, the fun began. The Soldiers knowing in our train wher prisoners of war, also our Nativeland being at War with England, Australias Mother Country. we had signs thrown to us, representing all kinds of Death. Some tried to sign only to cut our troths, others lynching, still others, to gorge our eyes out. Through signs only we wher all dead allready. Us Prisoners mimiking backlike, Getting shot, bayoneted, returning

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