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these complaint has never been made known to any Committee or Internee of this Camp. Allthough the President had enquired on several occasion for the result of this Complaint, however Mr Burkhart wher allways informed, that he had had no reply up till now. And at the time of writing this out of my "diary" keept daily December 1916 their has been no result of this complaint nor any loss refundet. Any "fines" issued as penalty wher deducted out of wages, after the Internee had signed for full amount due to him. I wishe to give the Public information of, clothing issued to us during our arrest. The first 12 months 2 suits dunfarees 2 pair of Hob nailed Boots 1 Cap 1 linnen hat 3 shirts the second yeahr desame. Soap never wher issued, but ones during the first 12 months. Socks or underwear wher never issued to us. So to see this wearing appearal being used, a Internee only wher able to see those precious warm article on the body of the "better Class", wich had a Banking account to their Credit in the Government Savings Bank of Australia. So fully 80% wher allways bar-

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