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being issued only one Uniform, it wher a treat to see them on washing day. They either run about allmost naked or dressed in Civilian attire untill their Iniform wher dried by the hot Australian Sun. During the many escapees of Soldiers, I only know of 1 Soldier being recaptured. He wher under arest in the Soldiers Lockup for 5 days, when he wher sentenced by a Military tribunal to 14 days Jail & 60 days "No pay". I have seen one soldier stationed at the hospital, laying on the Ground fast asleep minus his rifle, wich had been taken away from him in a jocular way by another soldier. I seldom heard of any soldier being fined or sentenced, for Neglect "of duty". I also hawe seen Soldiers & Pris on their way to & from Work, goe into the Vinegarden at the Farm close by & help themselves to the Grapes growing their, without ever being censored in any way by their superior Officers. One morning two Austriane Internees wich wher employed at the "Cinerator" to burn all rubbish, & had allways worked without a Guard, wher seen by a "Recruit". Wich thinking those two being "Escapees" fired a shot at 200 yards distant, the bullet striking the

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