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the bags daily with warm water, but owing our soap rationes being insufficient, and soda wher a seldom article to be found, we wher unable to get the grease out of same. Yes even after those bags had had a good scrubbing, and through dried, they had a sour smell. As the Soldiers having allways first pick, they seen to it, they allways received some of the best out of the quantity, also pulling out all the fat and kidneys. Everything is fair in love and war, however the Bible also tells us destinktly." Think of your neighbour". This the soldiers seemingly forgot daily, for we never, or very seldom received any fat, for frying purposses. We wher permitted to buy stores, through ordering some through the Quartermaster in the Soldiers lines. The prices wher about 30-50% addet to the regular storeprices on land. Wher the money in proffit went to, I am unable to say. It might have been used by the Officer to swell the Patriotic Fund Belgian Relief fund or his own Pocket fund, for all I

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