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up in a Cell. Now I wher a prisoner ones more. I wher detained hier for 8 days, previous of the arrival of my escort. I wher glad when about 11 a.m., on a Sunday morning these came. As the Blankets in the Police Cell also the floors and walls wher vermin infested. My escort consistet of a Lieutenant and two soldiers. On me being handkuffed, I wher led to the Railway station, and had to await about two hours on the plattform, previous to the arrival of the train bound for Liverpool. While standing at the Station handkuffed, all eyes looked upon me, as if I wher a Murderer, or a well known Convict. I looked upon these, as the greatest humiliation possible. I know I had made a bolt bit for liberty, and so acted against the Law. However the Australian Government even acted against the Law also made at the Hague Convention and signed

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