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to stoop so low, as to commit Murder wholesale. However the Government thought it the safest policy, and closed the Well, previous to the drowning of "the Child". I reached Liverpool, wher the Soldiers Drilling Camp is situated, also the German Concentration Camp, wich contained all Enemy Subjects interned in Australia, about Dinnertime 4 days after my escape and 19 miles from Sydney. I toke it to be the safest to goe ones more through the Bushe, and steer clear of the town. From hier, I could see soldiers drilling by the tousends, previous to being sent to the Front somewher in Flanders, Gallipoli or Egypt, and be used for Cannonfeed. Being clear of all danger I ventured out towards the Main Road, wich I reached close towards the Warwick Farm Race Course. On this Race Course the Government wher also drilling Recruits. Ones on the Road, I sitt down to

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