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again. At the end of fourteen days we wher permitted to leave our compound and goe back to the Camp. As all our mails and priviledge of writing had been stopped during the 14 days of our arrest, I enquired for my mail, wich I expected from my dear home, wife and children. Fancy my surprise, when I wher told four letters awaiting in the office for you, however we are not allowed to deliver them for another month. "On me enquiring at whose orders I wher told, The Camp Comandant, Capt Hawkes". So I wher not permitted to send nor receive corespondence for one additional month. I consideret this a most and unjust sentence. As I had been in the habit of sending and receiving two letters per week from my dear home, wich I had been forced to leave behind, owing the European Crisis, and the Military suthoritys, being armoured with the new law made during the Crisis, in respect of Allien Enemy subjects, called the War

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