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when the Owners wher requested to carry same into the Concentration Camp 60% of the Trunks had been forcibly opened, & money, the total sume amounting to over  £4 000 and all jewellery missing. Our Camp Committee protestet about this Robbery to the Comandant Major Sands without getting a satisfaction of any sort. Major Sands excused himself, that their wher no evidence if the Luggage had been robbed on board ship, by Stevedores in Sydney, on train journey to Liverpool, on Road to this Camp or while in the Soldiers Camp, so he wher powerless to do anything. When the American Consul arrived at our camp shortly afterwards, The Consul name being Mr Britain Consul of Sydney the Committee put the Case before him, & he viewed himself about fifty broken Trunks, wher the Locks had been forced, also toke a list of each & every one of Luggage, Property & Money missing to forward to Head Quarters Melbourne as a Protest & owing the Luggage being in Military hands during transit, the Loosers hold the Australian Military responsible for all Loss. The result of

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