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in a shirt & boots. Coat & Hat. The trousers they had fallen of them in pices the day previously. Owing the Notice "Private Clothing prohibited during working haours, those unfortunates wher forbidden to use one of their private trousers. The Officer in Charge of the Working Parade enquired of the Internees of the meaning of "lining up" in such state. On being informed that the Government trousers had fallen off them the day previously while at work, & owing the Rules of private clothing being prohibited to use during working hours, they wher first photographed & then send to the Ordenance Store, to hawe a new pair issued to them. January 25. Owing a Internee, A active Marine of the German Cruiser Planet using the Soldiers convinience, while employed in the Soldiers Camp, same wher arrested & put in the Lock Up for 2 days. On same day because 5 prisoners wich had been singing on the home march from Work wher arrested & received 3 days Water & bread. Early in February 1915 we wher informed, that each Internee would be permitted to forward two letters weekly for dispatch out of the Camp, namely, for Overseas & for the Colonies. Each letter not to contain more than 150 words. Also to urge dispatch of letters we wher advised to write in Englishe.

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