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await the return of "Major Sands" As these "Return" wher a "uncertanity" & meanwhile our fellow Internee had to suffer on Water & Bread diet, so we resolved unanimously to enter upon another "Strike" to better our condition. Us knowing that the "Strike breakers" wher no more in our midst, we wher shure of a victorious Result, & we decidet nothing but all our "fair demand" being granted would make us to declare the strike off. This strike wher our salvation & the result that we at least received human treatment for the rest of our Internment. The Strike. On this same Evening we compelled the Company Comanders to lay down their jobs. This wher, to look after their Company containing 100 Internees, that everything wher keept, as the Military demandet, for wich labour they received the honorary salary of 2 shillings per day & being on the constant mowe from 6 a.m. untill 10 p.m. We also decidet to do away with forcible labor & not to work again untill our Orders & Camp Regulationes had been revised by our Commandant. Well in fact we demander to have a human treatment. "Our orders wher anyone found to turn "Blackleg" would be severly dealt with & with force.

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