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Those with Money would procure soap, but those without wher compelled to manage as best they could. Wher it a wonder when some of the poorer Internees, while the richer ones wher enjoying their bath, taking some of their wearing appearal, becourse it wher clean and left the dirty appearal in lieu of it. However these only lasted for a short time, for it soon got the habit to goe into the Water with all the clothes on their body. So it wher safe & out of reach of thiving hands, however who benefitt the most of the bath, if the Swimmer or the Clothes I leave it to the Reader to guse. Our routine wher allways desame week in week out without change of any sort. The Recreation Owing amongst the Internees being several with a musical talent, we soon had a rough & ready band together. We also build a Music pavillion for them to practise in, without hinderance. Every evening we had a Concert, to pass away the long weary evening hours. Well I might as well truly state, that if it had not been for ourselves many a internee would hawe endet his days in a lunatic Assylum. So we layd around the pavillion, nursing the hard ground, while listening to the Music. Our favorite melody being

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