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this time. I wher arrested by him and compelled to follow to the Police Station. So the saying of "the jug gets carried to the well, till she breaks", proves ones more true.

My arrest, Lock Up, and transpoitation.

I looked upon my arrest as a bit of stiff luck, but owing me hawing corespondence in my pocket, wich I had received during my stay in Sydney, under my alias, I still gave "Bluff" a chance and keept on continuing "pitching tails". During the afternoon I wher brought before the lokal Magistrate. Owing me refusing to swear that I never had been in an internment Camp in Australia, I wher ordered to be handet over to the Military Authoritys. I preffered to goe back into Concentration, and being relieved at the end of the struggle without a stain upon my Character, than commit perjury, and retain my liberty I wher led back to the Police Station and locked

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