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fully loaded & Bayonets fixed. The next day the Major issued a Notice to us, to fall in on the Paradeground the next morning in Company form. (100 men) in a line out of wich he would pick out 5 men for compulsory work. These wher necessary for him to do, to uphold his authority in the gaze of his inferior officers. To this Request we subdued. On him hawing picked out 5 Internees, we returned to Camp. This allmost endet our strike. Same hawing lasted 9 days. During afternoon we had our Jam Rationes issued also our Lamps wher returned to us. The Cantine got opened. Their wher a Rushe, as everyone wher short of tobacco, also to buy the necessary aditional Food.. Also our Recreation wher permitted to continue. During Evening the Strike Committee wher called to the Majors Office with regards of our Requests, put in at the comencement of strike. The next day our Notice board contained the following Notice I Voluntary Work & all requests granted, the rules for same shall be issued by me in due course. IITreatment The Guard has orders not to pass any insulting remarks, to pris of War. The enforcement of labor has been dropped, owing work in future to be Voluntary. III To save disputes arising

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