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Recreation ground, but wich we wher forbidden to use as such, owing the lavatory, incinerator and other neccassery convinience being their, and Guard stationed all around the Barbwire fence "the cell" contained in two hours time 38 prisoners, and so taxed to its outmost. Me being one of them. I wher arrested for disobeying the order to stay in our trent, "but as I had to goe to the lavatory and used an overcoat, as it wher raining, I wher arrested also. As the space of our cell did not permitt of such a quantity to house their at one time we wher pickled like sardines". Of course we all enjoyed the joke, this being a change of our monotony. We also thought this only to be for one night, and to be liberated the next morning, as mostly had been arrested innoncent. While whe wher standing in this Cell shoulder to shoulder, me standing right behind the door in an corner, and singing a German song, I noticed our camp commandant

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