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or unable to do odd jobs, for other People better off than the working Class, for wich she gets poorly payd, I think, it is than mostly a case of "Everybody eats, but Mother". I consider the amount granted, by the Military authoritys insufficient to pay for the comodities to keep body and soul together, especially as the head of the family and Breadwinner has been forcibly been taken away from them and keept in idlenes and so unable to earn any money, wich would help his distant family along, at least to a certain extent. I have often pittied the poor australian Women who wher unfortunately married to an Enemy subject, also the offsprings of such a marriage. I am positive the Larder of these unfortunate Mother has been empty on many occasion during the European struggle, also the poor Children crying for Bread, and so adding to the pain pf a proud Mothers

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