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Every Pris doing his best, to asist, in getting the Building errected. The Curtain, Senery, Wings ectra wher artisticaly paintet by an Internee-Artist. Under the circumstances & condition however we wher all proud of the first Germ Theather ever build in Australia, managed by Germanes & German Plays staged. However I deal more definitely about this later under the Heading of Recreation.

Early in May 2 Internees effect their escape from the "Bush Party" with the assistance of the others, of the Gang. Owing Guards being stationed all around, direct escape wher made impossible. Owing all Bush & Trees wich had been "felled" must be stacked in big heaps & when dry, burned, those 2 Internees crawled into one of the New Heaps, while the others piled up the dirkest Bushes on top, to prevent any one noticing from the outside that the heap also contained human forms. When work wher finished with & all pris fell in line, the outside Guard Circle closed in, & owing them not hawing seen any stray Internees, they proceedet the home march without counting the Internees, or to see if the full "tally" wich they had taken out, wher also their on their home march. As soon as it got dark those Internees would crawl out of the heap & by the light of the

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