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tary Workers, however they wher instructed only to attend to the Internment Camp Sanitary & not as previous to the Soldiers Convienience also. The 3rd day of our strike the notice wher issued on the Notice board: "That all orders in future must be carryd out, to any one refusing same the bayonet would be brought into use, to enforce same" if Pris wher not at "Working Parade" by 9 30 am only half rationes would be issued. All work to cease for the period of 2 weeks, all money due to us for labor don to be confiscated: Signed Sands Major. Comandant Germ. Concentration Camp, Holdsworthy, New South Wales, Australia. On us reading this notice we came to the conclussion to look upon it "only as a "Kangaroo Joke". As we wher determined notting short of granting of all our demands would starve or frighten us into submission. Owing us knowing that Pris of War caught on active service could be forced to work by the Government, who held them captives acording to Rules made at the Hague Convention, we told the few Soldiers of the German Imperial force, hardly numbering

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