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very coutionously, enquiring of my wherabouts also the distant from the nearest Town or homestead I found out, that he could not be looking for me, or even that he know anything of my escape. However I keept a sharp "lookout" on my companiones, incase of any treachery, as I had lost all faith in Australianes, owing my last 9 months experience. However he turned out, to be a kind hearthed and generous old Gentleman. He offered to lead me in the Rain six miles away to a Shearing shead, the offer wich I very much apreciated I wher hardly able to keep pace with the Horse, he wher riding. On our way, he told me, I would find in the shead a fireplace wher I would be able, to dry my saturated Clothes, also wood to make a fire, as Shwagman used to reat their on frequent ocassiones during Nights. This enlightened my spirits again, and my hearth rose. Fancy when I got

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