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curses & the most objectionable names & while painting the sprained part with Iodine he remarked "You bloody lacy German Bastard, if you wher now at the front, you would be still digging trenches for the German Kaiser. The next morning Sergeant Meyer visited the Patient in his Mess. Owing same being laying in his Bunk, he wher ordered to get uo instantly & goe to work, if not, he would fine him 1 shilling per day. The Patient owing being unable to walk, remainded in bed & had to pay 5 shillings for laziness, for being 5 days idle. The Soldiers gused to call us any objectionable Name, they thought fitt in the presence of their superior Officers, without ever being censored by this Official. However if we Internees ever dared to answer back, look sideways at them or complain to the Officer in charge, we allways wher arrested & placed in the Lock-Up. Our life wher allmost made unbearable. Each and every one of us made shure that neither of us would leave this Camp, mentally or phisicaly fitt for anything. Any Internee wishing to see the docktor, Sergeant Meyer gused to send the sick Internee back to camp with the notice that they wher unable to see the Doctor. Allmost all cases of sickness he attendet to himself & with such efficiency that he managed generaly

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