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only civil internet. 9 a.m. we wher marched under heavy escort, loaded with all kinds of tools, to the new site. Our dinner we toke with us, returning about 5 p.m. Hawing the ground in level order, and well fenced in, we wher orderd to get raedy, for tarnsference. Knowing their would be no time for cooking our food on this day we cooked everything the evening previous. It wher hussle and bussle everywhere. Early the next morning after breakfast, hawing our luggage all packed, we downed tents, and carried everything to the jetty, close to the Quarantine station. It where a sight like Pettycoat Lane (London) on a Sunday morning. Everything layd their, kitchen, dining room, firewood, athletic gear, boxes, forms, tables, luggage, tents, in fact everything immagenable, even to the old bricks, as they would come handy for our fireplaces. Two Prisoners of each tent, had to load everything into a Barge, supplied by the Government. The rest of the Prisoners wher led around, under heavy escort, through the swamp and bushe to the new site. Me being one of those

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