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any amount of hard forcible work, for wich we wher payd at the rate of 2 shillings per day. When we wher forced to take Axes to "log" trees with & build our own barbwire fence made us scratch ourself behind our Ears, as these wher heavy work with scanty Payment for labor done. However as no one know anything about "Rules" in regards of forcible labor "for Civil Internees" we had to loose much sweat in clearing the Ground. Our present Prison & Ground of Excile. In the Old Camp, owing the site being close to the Road we used to see something of outside life. However hier nothing but Bush. So no Idleness. Work Boys and clear the site, so that we can see anything of outside life from our present site. So first trees fell on after the other the scrub got cleared, so we soon had light. After 1 Week streneous work by all of us to place our tents, ready for ocupation. Sunday morning October 24th we wher transferred to the New Camp. It wher a Picture never to be forgotten. For a sailor carrys evertything along, what might come handy in future, and everything possible seemed to come handy. Every morning, I could see Internees coming out of their tents early in

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