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of entering, it fell on a prisoners face wich layd on the Ground underneath. The hight of the traveling of the bullet being about 4 feet of the ground. If this misshap had happened 5 minutes previous, I would have had to record the death of a fellow prisoner, as this sayd prisoner had stood in front of the Butterbox undressing, previous to laying down for the night, to nurse the hard ground. The discharge of the rifles wher as stated previously of commin occurrence. A bullet passing my face within half a foot, the soldier in charge of the rifle not standing [indecipherable] feet away. And still the Australianes allways complain, that they wher short of ammunition, acording to our treatment on Torrens Island, their wher not the least sign of it, in fact, it seemed as if they had too much, and only wanted to waste some. One morning during parade, their wher 3 young prisoners missing. The Guard wher ordered to search the Island. As the Motorlunch of the Quarantine Station wher found to

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