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missing, they soon wher on their traces, and duly found in hiding in a unocupied Refreshment Booth on the mainland. The Prisoners wher ordered to "stand" wich they wisely dit. They wher than tied hands behind their backs, also from the shoulder to the hips with a stout cord and brought back to the Island. After being marched tied up around our camp as an "example", they wher put into the formerly explained enclosure. Owing this enclossure being without a roof, and it hawing rained for days and nights previously, it wher in no fitt state for any human being to occupy. About 5 p.m. it started raining again. They remained tied up and helpless untill 9 p.m. When they wher drenched to the skin a Lieutenat ordered to hawe the Ropes taken of them. They wher left in the open the rest of the Night. Owing their being 3 pices sheet iron in this enclosure they made themselves a sort of "dogkennel" to get out of the element of the Weather. Under these they

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