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Getting about halfway, I heard the Whisle of the engine again, and seeing the smoke, I know she wher on its journey again, however I dit not know, if their wher any Soldiers left behind to search and watch for the fugitive. Si I still keept on ahead. Ones I reached the hills, my escape wher made easier, as I could venture than to straighten myself. About 11a.m. I reached a deep ravine. While trying to get to the bottom of this, and so in a good hiding place, I slipped, and had a very narrow escape from a certain dead, as if I had not saved myself in holding on to a tree, while I slipped on a 70 degree I would hawe farllen amongst those Rocks at the bottom, and if it had not been a sudden dead, I would have been left their to die sooner or later, as their wher no human soul near for miles. However after an hour carefull stepping I reached the bottom. Not knowing my whereabouts, nor the Country, but being bent

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