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Ocupants of 3 Barracks with the Sume of 1 shilling each, that is 300 persones for having Water laying about in front of their Barracks. So Meyer had another single Hand Australian Victory, defeating 300 Germanes in punishing them combined with the sume of  £15 wich no doubt went into someones pocket, on the other side of the Barb Wire fence. On many ocassion I have heard those Planters from Singapore say "How lonf is this going to last, are we going to remain in this open Horse Stable much longer. I also pittied them when those unfortunate rich Gentleman wher compelled to shoulder Pick Hoe or Shovel to goe to work into the Bushe, for their wher no class dedinction. Everybody wher compelled to work, if rich or poor, Consul, Tradesmen, Planter or laborer, all wher alike. I hawe seen hier Gentle Men wich never had the need todo any manual labor, also Mothers favorites doing their best to dissolve the Puzle of Bushclearing. No doubt many a hard Internee toiler wher glad, that his hands wher used to heavy manual labor, especially when he seen does Gentleman excamining the inside of their hands, for the Hoe handle protuced

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