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born Australian is a person easily led by paragraph in Newspapers. It is no good arguing about a point printed in a Paper, if right or wrong, the Australian will allways say "Why the Paper says so, so it must be true. To get back to our Camp Life. In the warm Australian Evenings we assembled in the Centre of our Camp, German & Australian Soldiers together, around the big Log fire for passtime. Hier we enjoyed German & English Song, Diddis & Stories. We even on several occasion enjoyed a dance on the sandy Ground. Of course, we all wher happy. Everyone looked upon it as a few months holiday, at the Government expences, not one of us immagened for an instant that a War on such a giant scale could possible last long. However, allas, what a miscalculation, and today, 2 yeahrs and 114 days, we are just as far from the End by all appearance as whe wher than, and we are still "Prisoners" closely guardet and surooundet by heavy Barb Wire entanglements. Will this never end. We all made shure, Christmas hollydays 1914 we all would enjoy in Germany. However Xmas 1916 we are still in Internement. As we allways have lived in "Hopes" we have made the time pass. On the 4 September 1914 another 80 Seamen wher send into Camp, taken of Ships in the Newcastle district.

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