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like it; We would not trust our eyes. We thought shurley they are Women  €“ but this wher impossible for a Government to permitt half a dozend women, to Camp amonst 3000 Male Internees even for one hour. And this wher right for the Persones in Skirts, proved to be German Male Prisoners however "Budhist" by religion. Their Appearal looked like Womens Clothing in all collors of the Rainbow, mostly Yellow & broune. Gratula Germania! Fancy Germanes allthough Buddhist & Bramaishe Priests going about in such a Waering appearal. However as I know nothing about their Religion, nor Custom, I leave it to themselves, to know what suits them best. They are Men & capable to judge for theirself. As soon as the Emden heroes entered through the big Camp Gate, we received them with a "Hurrah" wich no doubt could be heard for Miles. Owing their being several Invalids & Cripples amongst those The Committee arranged to give them a benefitt the gross proceeds to be devidet amongst them during their hour of need & to make their burden

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