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the rules of the Hague Convention, as a "scrap of Paper" I think I can look upon Rules made by this sayd Government during the War, with justification, as only a "Scrap of Paper". On arrival of the train, I wher led handkuffed to an open Cariage compartement, comprising Room for about 60 Passengers. Owing this compartemnt being containing about 20 Persons, all eyes during the journey, wher allways in my direction. Needless to say I wher glad, when the train reached our Destination. Being ordered to leave the Cariage, me being handcuffed all the while, a Soldier got on each side of me and the Lieutenant behind. Owing the concentration Camp being 4 miles away, and it getting dark the Lieutenant ordered a Motor taxi at the expence of the Government, we got on Board, and in less than half

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