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During the afternoon October 4th, us all enjoying in a Sports festivity, wich we had made, to asist us passing away idle Hours, the first real Prisoners of War in Australia arrived at our Camp. These whersome Soldiers, taken Prisoners in New Guinea. The Nigts following, we wher informed by those Soldiers of how War "realy looks like so no wonder, we most of us" prized ourself lucky, for being in Camp. But I can honestly say, that if we had the option, to go and help Germany winning this War, the Camp would have been deserted everyone would have volunteered. Owing the Number of Internees quartered on the Ground allotted to us, being in excessive of the space, we wher all compelled to clear the ground of the present German Concentration Camp, wher there are about 5000 Enemy subjects interned. The Space of the Barracks wher a fruitgarden, belonging to the Farm. The Farm buildings wich are ocupied by the Military Officials are still in excistance, for it forms the Head Office of the G.C.C. The surrounding wher all dense scrub, as far as the Eye could see. All the surrounding Farms hawing being bought by the Australian Military Authoritys, to make a Manovour Ground out of same, gawe us Prisoners

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