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smal bucket of water to be dividet between 10 Prisones. In our midst wher a German Proffessor, whose pride was, his long locks of black Hair, reaching to his shoulder. A order wher issued to him to have his hair cropped short. These Order he naturaly declined to obey. He wher taken by the Military Police to the Camp-Barber, an Internee also, to have his hair cut and the Order of the Camp executed. These however wher refused to be done by the Barber, so the Pride of this proffessor wher saved. On Sunday morning we received Orders to strike our Tents for airing and cleaning pourposses. As it wher our day of rest, we in a body refused to do so, owing their being six working days in the week to do this. Owing this Order had not been complied with by breakfast time, this Meal wher taken away from us so we had to goe without. Owing 7 Internees wich had been ordered to strike their tent wher arrested at Breakfast time & placed in the Lock Up. After Breakfast hour we wher informed if we would carry out the Instruction imidiately, those 7 Internees would be liberated. To save those pris, we obyed the Order, however only 5 returned to Camp, two wher kept in the "Lock Up". Owing it being the custom in Australia

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