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Men will not be permitted to see their Wives Signed R.S. Sands. Major. We looked also upon these Noticesm as a clever "dudge", by the sayd "Gentleman" as our Comandant had proved to be to split our Camp into two parties. During that afternoon 20 new pris arrived from Sydney. These wher not quartered in our Camp on arrival put put into tents near the hospital. As they told us afterwards, they wher informed that our Camp wher under "Quarantine" owing a infections desease. I never know of a strike being infectious or else the whole "Colony of Australiasior" would be under constant Quarantine, as their has been nothing else but "Strikes" amomgst the Working Class & their Employers. During the strike our food rationes consisted of two 4 lb loafs of bread. Coffee only for breakfast. Any other times we had received a Warm Breakfast. Dinner  ½ the ration of Meat &  ½ the ration of Potatoes. For Evenings Meal we only received Tea  €“ Water. Owing our food being of a very scanty nature at any time, I must honestly say, I never will forget these days of "Hunger" in our Camp. The active Soldiers

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