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going mad again". When we being led back, and arriving at the top corner of our internement camp we wher surprised to see a prisoner of war, getting chased by a soldier, and protted with the point of the bayonet when in reach, this soldiers name wher Jim Dinning of Adelaide, South Australia. He only obeyed, as stated by himself later on to me, his commands given by his superior officer, the Comandant. The order given wher "Goe and fetch him out, put the bayonet right through him. When we wher safe in our enclosure ones more, and hawing seen our guard unloading their rifles. We attendet to the poor fellow wich had been chased and stabbed several times. From him we heard that the Comandant had shot one of our prisoners in the leg. Those prisoner we also seen shortly being carried out on the shoulder of two sturdy soldiers to the hospital, with his leg hanging

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