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as I had reported myself weekly, my last report being 3 days previous to my arrest. The News to consider myself under arrest of course wher a great shork at first, especially as I had a Wife and Children at home, awaiting Fathers return from work. I wher permitted to goe home to get some personal effects. The time granted being half an hour. Owing the short time allowance, my "good by" to the dear ones I wher forced to leave behind, wher a short one. Heavy hearthed in charge of a Detective, I left my home, a weeping wife, and my weeping children, bound for the Railway station, to catch the Adelaide Express. Owing the short time granted, I wher hardly able to fill my travelling trunk with necessary wearing appearal, for use in the Concentration Camp. On me reaching the station I found twelfe more Prisoners of War  €“ waiting under a heavy escort with Bayonets fixed. All those prisoners of war, had been taken out of employment, and worse than me, never had the privelege to goe home first, to get their wearing apearals or any personal effects. They wher forced to start a 250 miles yourney by train, and enter

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