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Hurrah: Now our future must be bright. No more starvation. No more bayonet, to spurr us on to work. Now we didn't care if the War ended tomorrow or next month. The Strike wher hardly passed when we finished our New Theather. So on June 26th 1915 the Internees handet same over to the three Clubs. The Song-Club, the Orchester & the German Dramatish Verein. Owing in the old Recreation Tents hardly hawing Room for 100 Persones, without shure shelter of wind & rain. We had experience that this wher to smal for the patronage Nightly. So in our New Hall their wher seating acomodation for 360 Persones. The Stage wher much bigger, also Rooms for the Artist to dress in. With regards of our present Orchester I wishe to state. Untill May 1915 our Music Orchester only consisted of a Piano & a Violin. However Ende of this Month a new batch wher interned amongst those being some proffessional Musical Talent. These with some "Diletanten" soon made a good Orchester. The best Theather in Sydney could not boast of a better Orchester.

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