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Crowd gather again, wich viewed us with inquisitive eyes, as if we wher price Bulls from a Royal agriculture Show". Ones the suburban train arrived we rushed our compartement, glad to be out of the gaze of the Public. Owing the distant to headquarters being only 2-3 miles, we soon arrived at the station their. On us getting lined up on the Plattform, four abreast we wher led by the Guard to the Headquarters Building, a new, big, Brick building, one of the finest buildings in the City. Of course we all wher glad to be out of the enquisitive gaze of the publics eyes.

At Headquarters and their treatment.

Ones outside this structure, standing four in lines, a sergeant about 20 jeahrs of age came out with Paper and ledpencil, and taking our names. Ones our names taken, we wher marched to an outbuilding, also a new structure, wich had been build, to be a horsestable for the Light horse regiment, however never had been in use as such. Hier we wher suplied with the first meal in close of 24 hours, consisting of

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