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That evening the 3 prisoners, for whose liberty our "Strike" comenced, wher send away, to "Berrima" A old disused Government Jail, wher they wher keept in a dark & damp Cell in the Cellar for 3 weeks only dressed in the Clothes they wore at the moment of their arrest. Their bedding consisted their as I learned of the sufferers lately & of their own Lips of an old Strohsack & 2 threatbare blankets. Allthough they requested of the Authority in charge to forward their clothing, to enable them to dress warm & change their appearals, as they allready feelt Vermin. These request however got allways declined. We wher informed by the Camp Comandant, that in the event us refusing to work the next daiy, only half ration would be issued to us. He would force us with Hunger, to return to our duties. On us hearing of this intention we declared "General Strike" that is; all Internees employed by the Authoritys as "Grooms" for the Officers  €“ Horses The cooks employed to prepare the Soldiers Meals, the Gardeners wich attendet to the lovely layd out Gaeden around the Headquarter Building and around the Fieldhospital ectra. All went on strike with the exception of our Cooks & the Sani-

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