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The officiating Minister being Pastor Schenk of the Germ. Church in Sydney. During the Evening we had a service in "memory" of the Victim in the Theather. The Strike endet on August 2 1915. We again came out victorious in some of our demands. The unfortunate Pris. at Berrima had their personal effects forwardet on to them, also us Internees receiving a forged Letter, supossed to be written by Steinbohn, Berrima Jail telling us, that he wher treated well & had everything we desolved to return to our ussual Camplife. With the end of this strike whe had peace in our Camp. Owing the Camp hawing granted permission, by the Comandant to run same on decant & proper lines, by ourself we formed a Committee wich duty it whas, to see justice & fair deal for both sides. This Committee consisted out of 1 Representative for each Company  €“ or Barrack, whose duty it wher to see to everything needet in his company. These Representatives wher choosen by the Internees themselves under the Leadership of a President with the aid of a Secretary choosen by the Pris in General. Now we had our own Committee under the able & just Leadership of Mr Burkhardt wich retained this position untill Febr. 1916. so we lived under much improved condition

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